Cloud Computing: Yes or No?


As always, the answer depends on your needs.  For sharing work, such as documents, presentations and other data between team members working remotely, the Cloud is great.  But if your entire team is physically located together in an office, then it might not be the right choice for you.


If you have a small team, some or all of whom work remotely, then Cloud working is a convenient, cost effective solution which means you don’t have the cost of buying and maintaining central server resources.

The benefits are agility and flexibility, both in work and financial terms.

The concern of most people when it comes to ‘The Cloud’ is security and there is no doubt this can be an issue. The answer, firstly, is research; choose a reputable provider with secure infrastructure who takes every effort to make sure that their clients’ data and applications are protected. Ask questions about reliability, for both availability of the service and for the financial stability of the Cloud provider.  Do they keep backups?  Can you get older versions of the data?  What happens when there is no internet? Secondly, anybody taking to the clouds should take all the usual measures to use strong passwords and authentication protocols.

In a very short space of time, even by IT standards, The Cloud has grown from being a promising geeky idea to one of the most important operational options available to businesses. At relatively minimal cost, businesses now have a myriad Cloud-based uses open to them, from state-of-the-art software to disaster recovery, where the Cloud plays a hugely important role in business continuity and security.

Lineal has invested in equipment and services to provide a wholly owned Cloud service that delivers performance with great value.  If you have questions regarding the Cloud, talk to us as we will already have the solution.

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