Business Mobile Packages

Need a better business mobile package? Lineal business mobile offers an effective way to implement all the benefits of work mobile devices across a company or organisation – with excellent value for money.

Our Mobile packages are available with a wide-range of options, bolt-ons, and associated services including:

We offer both leasing and upfront purchasing for device contracts (as well as ‘SIM-only’ deals) – across both Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. Our services can also be directly integrated with more traditional fixed line telecoms, for a comprehensive business phone package suiting both desk-workers and field-workers.

For difficult coverage areas, ask us about Multinet – a unique service under which multiple networks can be selectively used to ensure maximum call availability for mobile users.

Lineal’s support team will configure your business mobiles to suit your end-users’ needs, and deliver a structured communications solution that allow your business to talk, text and share data reliably.

To discover if we could be the ideal mobile telecoms solution for your business, contact our team today