Cyber Essentials for your Organisation

Cyber Essentials has become a must-have certification for businesses – guiding organisations through a structured set of requirements to help defend against common forms of digital crime. Five key control areas are covered, estimated to prevent around 80% of cyber-attacks on businesses.


Why get Essentials?

Certified by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Essentials has become a standard good-practice requirement for all businesses looking to trade with public-sector organisations.

Essentials requires businesses to meet or exceed an assured set of security requirements each year, to protect against common forms of online crime, technology dangers and digital threats.


For more advanced applicants, Cyber Essentials Plus is an independently audited standard, which demonstrates an even stronger level of commitment to cyber security best practice.

Contract Lineal to assist with your organisation’s application and ongoing compliance, and you can refocus on your core business, safe in the knowledge experienced technicians will be able to help you meet the requirements for successful certification or re-certification.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors, Essentials helps demonstrate your organisation takes cybersecurity and data protection seriously, and helps ensure trust from your customers. Speak to our technical team today.


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