Print Management from PaperCut

PaperCut provides a highly-capable print management solution for organisations large and small – keeping printing secure, reducing waste, and giving complete control over your entire print environment.

Integrating with all major printer device brands, and available either on-premises or in the cloud, PaperCut technology makes giving printer access to users simple across a wide range of operating systems and devices, and makes reliable printing available anywhere.

Utilising Secure Print, PaperCut helps keep physical printed material safe by requiring users to identify themselves at their chosen printer before a document is released for printing from a shared queue, supports automatic watermarking, and many other essential security precautions.


Professional print management can also dramatically cut waste to both reduce costs and protect the environment. Print admins can introduce either subtle recommendations to nudge users into better printing habits, or enforce strict controls on greyscale, duplex and other aids to sustainability. For organisations looking to make a transformational difference, PaperCut software allows company to support ‘Forest Positive’ efforts with automatic tree-planting based on their printing.

A wide range of advanced reports ensures transparency and insight over printing, even for 3D printers and print rooms. For public printing, precise budgets may be easily assigned to users or flexible groups, also making PaperCut perfect for educational and healthcare institutions – where onward billing may need to be deducted to help track costs.


Organisations may synchronise with either traditional or Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Okta and others to keep user entitlements current, making the solution convenient for IT administrators. With ‘Follow-Me’ print mobility, diverse organisations may print anywhere permitted in multi-site operations, with minimum support overhead for technicians.

Powerful, flexible and scalable – contact Lineal about Print Management solutions today.


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