ThreatLocker Application Control

For an added edge against ransomware, malware, remote-access attacks and internal IT disputes, use ThreatLocker application control that places digital perimeters on what actions are allowed.

Application control takes the zero-trust ethos and applies it more directly: using an agent software on each user’s endpoint device to ‘allow-list’ only those software processes that are explicitly permitted – a strong preventative check against ransomware and other dangerous programs.


Ringfencing in this way keeps unrecognised code isolated – ensuring each PC and laptop helps defend your wider organisation. Application control also helps satisfy more specialist industry compliance standards (including ISO, NIST, HIPAA and many more.)

Threatlocker gives IT managers the next level of granular control over what happens on user devices – allowing legitimate applications with ease, but fortifying endpoints with a new layer to help mitigate cybersecurity breaches before they initiate.

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