Apple Support Specialists

In 1982 Lineal’s Managing Director Mike Matthews bought his first Apple ‘Personal Computer.’ Lineal’s love of all things Apple continues to this day. We offer a range of new Apple hardware, as well as Mac support services, upgrades and repairs to keep your devices as effective as the day they were new, and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Our most popular Mac IT services include:

Don’t Forget!

Your device repair may already be covered by an existing Apple Service Programme.

Whether it’s fitting a new hard drive to help future-proof your MacBook, upgrading an iMac with additional memory for powering creative software, or something else on request, Lineal offer competitively priced systems & support services to everyone from sole-traders up to businesses and large organisations.

We operate our own business using both Mac and PC devices, and our SQLWorks software has always been developed in a cross-platform format suitable for mixed deployment across both types of computer hardware.

Lineal’s IT support specialists are experienced with Apple device maintenance, and are based at our main office in Commercial House, The Strand, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 1EU. Contact our team today.


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