Business Broadband from Lineal

Business broadband from Lineal offers a range of fast internet connectivity options at cost effective monthly prices to suit any business. Fast, reliable internet access from Lineal helps your business communicate efficiently, operate at full speed, and stay connected to your customers.

We offer a wide-range of different circuit types and speeds – including ultrafast (FTTP) and superfast (SoGEA FTTC) connections, voice-assured services and traditional ADSL – via both Openreach and private fibre infrastructure. Advanced router hardware, networking services and new line installations can all be coordinated by our experienced team.

Click ‘Start speed test’ to test your current Broadband download and upload speed.

Lower-contention rate business broadband ensure the most reliable download and upload speeds, helping customers get the best out of the very latest data-intensive cloud software and services. As an accredited Gamma partner, Converged services are also available for integration with Gamma Horizon VoIP phone systems and SIP trunking. Converged offers reserved bandwidth for those needing consistently dependable call quality alongside data services .

Need even faster speeds for a bigger organisation? Contact us to discuss dedicated Leased Lines and other options for up to 1Gbps speeds. We can deliver truly best-in class data.

Whatever your connectivity needs, Lineal broadband is a smart choice for business.