Password Management from Keeper

Password management allows organisations to keep passwords safely encrypted, encourage safer password choice, and protect against ‘credential-stuffing’ attacks commonly deployed by cybercriminals.

By supporting users to use complex unique passwords, encrypted to 256-bit AES encryption keys across PC/Mac, iOS & Android, Keeper’s award-winning software helps limit the damage from cybersecurity breaches spreading across multiple user accounts.

Password management is increasingly recognised as a key pillar of cybersecurity: the UK National Cyber Security Centre admits it is ‘virtually impossible’ for users to use unique passwords for all their accounts without software assistance.


Managed centrally, Keeper Password Manager is the perfect tool for organisations needing to organise compliant password policy across a user base, control access to IT resources, and integrate applications with single sign-on platforms such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory, AWS and others.

Password Manager helps admins enforce typical IT security policy such as multi-factor authentication, complexity rules, and can even notify users where passwords are breached online.

Keeper licensing operates on a simple monthly subscription basis per user and is one of the world’s top-rated solutions for mitigating password-related breaches and cyberthreats.

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