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Microsoft Azure is a global cloud-computing platform which underpins flexible, modern and scalable computing. Cloud functionality supports remote access to a wide range of critical IT services for business – across Microsoft’s global network of 58 data-centre regions.

Backed by a verified uptime of over 99.99% uptime, Azure offers on-demand capacity for hosted servers, virtual machines, database instances, active directory, networking & security appliances, storage resources, developer environments, application services and much, much more.


Totally virtualised with multiple layers of redundancy, Azure’s flexible scalability and pay-by-usage models ensures businesses and organisations of all sizes can put new services in place without the heavy investment or management of their own physical hardware.

Azure’s architecture meets the very highest standards of business availability, digital and physical security, even offering UK-based data locations to meet industry-specific statutory and compliance regulations.

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As a Gold certified Microsoft Partner, Lineal are specialists at migrating server and other computing workload migration to Azure cloud, following a streamlined migration process.

Subscription based pricing means no upfront capital cost for initial purchase of Microsoft Packages or new version upgrades, and ensures a quicker return on investment for businesses requiring added-flexibility.

Powerful, flexible and scalable – Microsoft Azure. Contact Lineal today.



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