Penetration Testing

To prepare you for being hacked, we put on our red-team hat – and do just that. Penetration testing looks for exploitable weaknesses, intercepts data, cracks password hashes and more: so that we can report back actionable points for improvement.

Our service is confidential, accessible, independent and honest. While it takes humility to begin to this process, organisations that ‘pentest’ regularly see real results; discovering blind spots and fixing them before cybercriminals are able to exploit anything your team might have missed.

One infamous study suggested as many at 99% of breached vulnerabilities happen more than a year after the vulnerability should have been fixed. Don’t let your business be a statistic – this can be countered.

Penetration testing is available as a standalone service, or as a part of individual Lineal security audits. Under Lineal Managed Cybersecurity Standard plans, penetration testing simulates the scenario of an outside hacker probing your systems externally. On our Advanced plan, testing extends to incorporate internal scrutiny.

Explore Lineal penetration testing – speak to our team confidentially today.