Headsets for business

Headset technology is the ultimate mobility and flexible unified communications tool, and Lineal recommend Poly headsets, wireless audio equipment and bluetooth earpieces for their exceptional sound quality.

With over 50 years of leading device development, Poly headsets are known for high build-quality, durability and crisp audio (even among astronaughts) making their devices a dependable investment for increasing long-term productivity and teamwork.


Poly devices are perfect for:

A range of wireless earpieces to suit every organisation’s budget are available, and can be deployed in parallel with a third-party or Lineal telephony solution (for example: Gamma Horizon or Microsoft Teams) for a modern and effective extension of your unified communications.

Lineal’s own IT support help-desk benefit from Poly technology – as do thousands of businesses around the world.

Learn more about Poly headsets today by getting in touch with our team.


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