Phishing Simulation Training

For the greatest resilience against cyber threats, it is important to constantly train IT end-users to recognise and avoid phishing emails. An estimated 90% of cyber breaches begin with a phishing email.

Our phishing simulation allows organisations to automatically coordinate simulated in-house phishing attacks to their own personnel, using thousands of different customised templates, randomised timings and phishing methods – reporting extensively on the results.

Security awareness simulations help identify most at-risk staff, focus training efforts, and reduce organisational vulnerability to email-based cybersecurity threats over time. Phishing simulation helps introduce a ‘learning culture’ of constant improvement, with assistive videos and targeted, advanced reporting on more than 60 security training indicators.

For an extra challenge, include internal spear-phishing that simulates a hacker using advanced impersonation techniques to trick users from within an organisation.

Phishing simulation operates on a simple monthly subscription basis per user and can be used to evidence cybersecurity compliance standards across a range of sectors.

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