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Microsoft Copilot is the world’s best AI personal assistant – helping you create, edit, process, analyse and understand information at blistering speeds. The ultimate productivity tool, generative AI let’s you use natural language commands to do anything you can imagine in record time.

With access to your Microsoft 365 account in the cloud, Copilot helps users achieve more with less, using unrivalled access to data and reference materials right across all your favourite Office Apps. Copilot can draft emails, analyse spreadsheets, design slide decks, read documents, summarise meetings and much more with ease. Copilot understands context, tone, and even specialist language, to help give you the most relevant answers, unlocking powerful new ways of getting things done.


All you need is a prompt: ask your assistant to do something for you, and the AI will drive Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams and more on your behalf. Your instructions are down to you – but with a clear goal in mind, Copilot will attempt to save you critical time every single day.

Copilot only has permission to use what you see and use within Microsoft 365, and follows Microsoft’s strict framework for both responsible and secure AI. Prompts, responses and data are not used to train the wider-model, and compliance precautions mirror Microsoft 365’s existing permission structure.

Among early-adoption organisations, 70% of users said they became more productive with Copilot, 77% would not want to give it up once deployed, and 68% highlighted improvements in the quality of their work.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Lineal specialises in helping your team get the most out of Microsoft 365 – discuss the power of Copilot with us today, and see how AI can boost your organisation’s ability to deliver.

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