Security Awareness Training

Our security awareness training helps organisations deploy a structured, easy-to-use training program within their organisation that drip-feeds good cybersecurity practice to your end-users, tests what has been learned, and builds lasting personal resiliency over time.

Covering a wide-range of topics from social engineering to password health, email safety and physical security – our security training allows you to enroll both office and remote workers in an ongoing educational program that both challenges and supports their progress.

Security awareness is a standard component of all our Managed Cybersecurity plans, bolstered by more direct support from Lineal personnel.

Training can be managed centrally with ease – allowing you to keep track on your team’s progress through each quiz, and introducing just a little competition where needed!

Each activity also helps identify your most at-risk staff, and common subject areas that need more focus. Each course, video and certificates adds to a culture of constant improvement that helps make sure your users recognise a cyber-threat in the real world.

To learn more about phishing simulation and staff cybersecurity training, contact our team today.