No one likes confusion or nasty surprises. Lineal’s Active Monitoring allows us to automate many tasks to maximise efficiency in the IT Services we provide to our clients.  Lineal’s Active Monitoring includes a comprehensive set of tools that cost-effectively secure, maintain, and enhance our IT Support and keep track of all of your IT assets from a single web-based dashboard across Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile and other devices.

Lineal’s Active Monitoring allows our team to be proactive instead of reactive: we work behind the scenes to monitor all of your devices to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues and prevent downtime.

  • We support multiple types of devices, such as workstations, servers, network devices, virtual machines, mobile, and Internet of things (IoT) devices
  • We can automate network device discovery and tell you what is on your network in real time
  • Lineal Active Monitoring integrates with our service desk
  • Patch management with local caching
  • Data-breach risk intelligence
  • Managed backup and recovery solutions
  • Managed antivirus products
  • Thorough asset and inventory tracking, including software asset management
  • Predictive analytics that help you prevent IT issues
  • Alerting and Notifications – you choose as many or as few notifications as you would like
  • Customisable Reporting

We aim to deliver comprehensive network fault monitoring and performance management that scales and expands with all your network monitoring needs. We can collect and view availability, real-time and historical statistics from routers, switches, firewalls, servers, printers and many other types of devices.

Lineal’s Active Monitoring provides quick visibility into the health of network devices and servers on the network, ensuring that we have the up to date information needed to keep your network running at peak performance.

We provide insight on your hardware and software health by monitoring, alerting, and reporting on the state of key device sensors, working with you to ensure your company always stays up-to-date and fully operational.

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