Safer email via Barracuda

Barracuda offers a suite of email filtering and security tools designed to protect your inbox. More than 90% of cybersecurity breaches worldwide begin with a phishing email – making email the top threat vector for organisations of all sizes.

Barracuda’s worldwide threat protection network automatically gathers intelligence from inboxes around the world to deliver award-winning security, checking both inbound and outbound email to stop the spread of cyber-threats and malicious communications.

Set policies to allow detection of sensitive types of data (eg: financial credentials), configure encryption, and block suspect points of origin from reaching your end-user devices.


Compatible with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and other email paltforms, Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection provides a simple and cost-effective way to guard your users and digital estate against phishing, viruses, spam and other email-based threats.

Organisations needing more advanced granular security should look to Barracuda Sentinel, next-generation AI protection designed to inspect emails, detect spear phishing, and guard organisations against more advanced impersonation-based email fraud.

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