Leased Line Ethernet from Lineal

For truly enterprise grade connectivity, Lineal offers private-fibre ethernet ‘leased lines’ with speeds of up to gigabit (1,000Mbps) grade.

Leased Lines enable businesses with paramount connectivity needs to access the fastest speeds available in the UK direct from the Exchange. Organisations can ensure parity between download and upload speeds at 1:1 contention, and circuits are guaranteed with a Service Level Agreement.

Lineal utilise a range of trusted service providers, including Gamma and Jurassic Fibre, to deliver ethernet as a fully-managed service. Businesses may specify speeds beginning at 100Mbps, right up to 1Gbps, for both download and upload – to ensure maximum bandwidth across their organisation.

Converged circuits are also available for those needing stronger quality-of-service protection for voice calling, and businesses may opt for either 100MB or gigabit bearers – allowing spare capacity to regrade to even faster connection speeds at a later date.

Due to private fibre installation, leased lines are subject to survey and an installation lead time. Enterprise routing hardware is provided as part of the package, and can be configured by our team to best fit with your existing network hardware. Whatever your connectivity needs, Lineal broadband is a smart choice for any business.

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