Huntress Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is a proactive cybersecurity technique more common among enterprise networks. Huntress MDR hunts for the ‘fingerprints’ of intruders that have gained access to the network, actively locking them out and preventing the theft of data or information.

With Huntress, we can find the persistent footholds that are so often exploited by hackers, and allows your business to catch cybersecurity threats like ransomware long before they wreak havoc.


Powerful remediation tools and easy-to-use dashboards gives us a groundbreaking level of insight into your network’s security, and ensures incident reporting is more comprehensive than ever before.

Deploying MDR to your business provides the early warning systems and human team ready to hunt down an intruder, seek out complex threats and constantly re-evaluate how vulnerable your network might be to exploits. Discover Huntress cybersecurity: contact our team today.


huntress mdr