Team Lineal Take On CyberDrain 2023

cyber drain ctf 2023

For the first time, a group of Lineal’s IT Support Technicians are taking on the international CyberDrain Tournament as a team.

Each year multiple engineers from Lineal take part in the Cyber Drain CTF tournament. Designed to test System Administration and IT engineering skills, the challenge puts competitors through a series of investigative challenges across server and client-side, Microsoft Azure, Linux and Microsoft 365 environments.

The competition runs throughout February and March, with bigger point bonuses awarded for more complex technical challenges, and prizes sponsored by a number of major technology companies. Lineal engineers have scored highly in previous years – placing within the top fifty, and even within the top ten competitors worldwide.

However this year the CyberDrain competition is also a team event, allowing Managed Service Providers to test themselves against the world’s best.

cyberdrain ranking

At time of writing, Lineal is currently ranked amongst the top twenty teams on the Showdown Scoreboard. Stay tuned to see how we get on!


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