Creative IT

Powerful Hardware & Displays

We understand that success in the creative industry relies upon being able to showcase your work effectively. Computer assisted design (CAD), photographic editing, motion graphics, animation (and much more) all need powerful hardware to handle a wealth of layers, and the finest of displays to visualise creative work with precision.

Cloud Collaboration

Co-author a masterpiece with the right software – teamwork between workstations, or across multiple locations, should not prevent your IT performing at its best. We configure cloud-based software (such as Adobe’s software range) for business use, and can offer secure remote access to files across a range of devices as needed.


The design world moves quickly. Trends go global in an instant, so your operation may well need the latest of everything to keep pace. From software to hardware, and more, Lineal deliver a wide range of IT systems and services needed to ensure your IT moves as fast as you need it to.

Huge Bandwidth

Creative industry file sizes can typically be very large, with large volumes of photographs, audio or video files being transferred at scales conventional IT might not cope with. At Lineal we’ve experience dealing with the massive data volumes associated with the creative sector. We used to delivering reliable connectivity to meet demand.

Mac & Windows Integration

Many creative businesses use both Microsoft and Apple software, meaning interoperability is key to the smooth day-to-day running of your business. Lineal have served both operating systems for over 20 years, and specialise in Mac & Windows integration if your business needs to use both.

Uninterrupted Workflow

Nothing can ruin the creative process quite like interruption. Your IT should work as you do, whenever inspiration strikes, and for long periods if needed. We offer business continuity solutions for the modern workplace, including secure remote backup and bespoke disaster recovery packages, 4G backup internet systems and more to ensure your workflow is never disrupted.


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