Architecture IT

Powerful Hardware & Displays

Modern Architecture Computer Assisted Design (CAD) requires superior processing power and graphics. Whether your practice is simulating dynamic structures, costing new designs, modelling phased construction or demolition, the capacity to project many layers and objects is integral to complex digital drafting. We can provide systems that keep pace with your demands.

Multi-Site Collaboration

Co-author a masterpiece with the right software: Building Information Modelling (BIM) increasingly needs to be interdisciplinary, and teamwork between workstations or multiple locations should not prevent your IT performing at its best. We configure cloud-based creative software to commercial standards, and can offer safe storage & secure remote access to files across a range of devices as needed.

Secure Anywhere Access

Your IT should work securely anywhere. Being able to showcase designs away from the desk, in the meeting room, sales pitch or on the construction site is a must-have feature. Whether you’re using AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, ArchiCAD or something similar, presenting visualisations of your work on a range of portable devices with ease is an important extension of your project vision.

Business Continuity

Larger scale architectural projects can involve many hundreds of hours of painstaking work, so protecting your team’s progress against disruption is vital to the end result. We offer business continuity solutions for the modern workplace, including secure remote backup and bespoke disaster recovery packages, 4G backup internet systems and more to ensure your workflow is never disrupted.

Mac & Windows Integration

Many practices use both Microsoft and Apple products, meaning interoperability is key to the smooth day-to-day running of your team. Lineal have served both operating systems for over 20 years, and specialise in Mac & Windows integration if your firm needs to use both.

Architecture Management Software

Via SQLWorks, Lineal’s leading business management software, your team can control your accounts, customer relations (CRM), stock, tasks and other administration from one place. Arcman is Lineal’s dedicated Architectural Management Software module for SQLWorks, integrating resource and project management to streamline your workflow.


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