Five Tech Articles We Wish We’d Written


2021 continues to bring surprises, and in the fast-moving world of technology, new revelations are always just around the corner.

Here’s five of the most eye-catching tech articles our team have spotted in recent weeks:


“With no payload, analysts are struggling to learn what this mature malware does.”

A curious malware found on numerous latest-generation Macs seems to have no purpose, and even comes with a self-destruct mechanism – leaving the cybersecurity community baffled.

“New malware found on 30,000 Macs has security Pros stumped” – ARS Technica

“So Alex could just call Tony Abbott’s cell phone directly to report this, or send him a DM on Insta.”

Why shouldn’t you post a picture of your boarding pass on social media? A cybersecurity technician ends up talking to the former Prime Minister of Australia, after discovering you don’t necessarily need any hacking skills to breach a major international airline.

“Ep.84 – Jet Setters” – Dark Net Diaries

“What seems like a big win for privacy may, ultimately, only serve to tighten Google’s grip on the advertising industry and web as a whole.”

As Google decides Chrome will soon block all third-party cookies, Wired contemplates a world where Google controls anonymised ad-targeting.

“Googles next big Chrome update will rewrite the rules of the web” – Wired

“Facebook are saying it’s harassment and muting people and giving them a Facebook ban.”

A new anti-harassment standard accidentally strikes down Facebook users in the Plymouth area, highlighting the technical perils of non-contextual filtering by specific keywords.

“Facebook Apologises for Flagging Plymouth Hoe as offensive term” – Evening Standard

“Chrome OS became the second-most popular OS..”

Driven largely by education sales, Chrome OS has officially become the world’s second-most popular operating system, taking new market share from Microsoft Windows and pushing Apple’s MacOS into third place.

“The world’s second-most popular desktop operating system isn’t macOS anymore.” – ARS Technica


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