Financial IT

SQLWorks Accounting Software

SQLWorks Accounts is Lineal’s leading accounting software for financial management of your complete transaction history. State-of-the-art accounting tools have been designed to provide financial clarity to bookkeeping: simple, fast and intuitive data entry, with detailed, responsive and targeted data analysis.

Connection Reliability

Electronic financial transactions demand fast, consistent connection speeds to ensure reliability and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Lineal deliver high quality networks, cabling and fibre optic connections optimised to keep your firm operating professionally.

Network and Web security

Data security is critical to the financial services sector – and confidential client account filing needs to be protected on secure networks. Our technicians specialise in network infrastructure, cabling and server management; we understand the importance of data security from an IT perspective, and can advise on IT precautions and best practice.

Cloud Collaboration

Financial account managers often need to be able to analyse data across workplaces, undertake financial planning among teams, or audit client records – all with ease. We configure cloud-based software services for business use, and can offer secure remote access to data across a range of devices and locations or collaborative and remote working as needed.

Business Continuity

Administering payroll or tax won’t wait – businesses depend upon reliable financial services and will only invest with complete confidence. We provide a range of business continuity IT solutions, including secure remote backup, bespoke disaster recovery packages and 4G backup internet access for unrivalled peace of mind.


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