Fibre Broadband; worth having?


Well, that depends what you want it for and whether you can actually get it. One is very fast and relatively expensive; the other can be mind-numbingly slow, but is cheap – sometimes free. There are two broadband delivery methods: ADSL and fibre optic. ADSL comes down copper wires, fibre optic reaches you through a glass fibre. Certainly fibre is more expensive over standard ADSL, even when you take away any ‘new user’ incentives, but how fast do you need emails to come into your Inbox?

Barnstaple BT cabinet

For many small users, if your current ADSL set up is giving you speeds is in excess of 2MB/s, and you don’t run a business or have two teenage sons on Call of Duty, then what you’ve got is probably fine.

If you need to do any more, such as stream videos or have several users all accessing the internet at the same time, then fibre really is the answer. If you run a business and you have the choice, then fibre is probably the sensible choice. Speed is king. Transmission speeds are so much faster for moving data to clients and suppliers; nobody likes to wait these days. If the amount of data that you move is increasing, then you should seriously consider super-fast fibre broadband.

Don’t forget, though, that if like a lot of us you work remotely, i.e. from home, then both ends of the link need fibre; your work place and home will both need upgrading. Lineal are very happy to advise you on whether superfast broadband is right for you and can install all superfast fibre broadband services and equipment.

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