Client Feedback Survey Results 2023

client feedback survey results

Lineal has maintained strong scores in this year’s client feedback survey, continuing a long-term trend of positive improvement to our IT support services.

Once again, our team’s expertise drew much praise – with over 96% of respondents saying we understand customer problems either ‘Extremely Well’ or ‘Very Well.’ Fewer than 1% of respondents have now given us a negative response to this question within the past three years.

This verdict tallies with instant feedback from our ticketing portal, gathered throughout the year – with more than 97% of respondents rating their Lineal IT support engineer’s ability to resolve their technical support ticket positively.

instant feedback

Response times remain good – fewer than 4% of respondents felt we responded ‘Slower than expected’ when asked. However, we’ve also noticed an slight increase in ‘average’ speed ticket share (from 38% to 48%), something we’ll be working hard to improve.

A record 77% of respondents graded the quality of our IT support experience ‘Great!’ (the best option available) – our highest customer service score ever recorded.

Among our favourite comments were:

“Responsive, cooperative, professional, someone always answers the telephone.”

“Always prompt & helpful, nothing is too much trouble.”

“I found the front desk helpful and polite the back room staff knowledgeable and caring and provided me with a quick service and useful information. I would use them again for IT problems.”

“Did what you said you’d do, can’t ask for more really.”

“We have always found Lineal to come up with the right level of knowledge on any issues or products we require as and when we need something. Lineal service is second to none, absolutely outstanding.”


Our thanks once again for all your feedback.