New supercomputer that can forecast the weather worth £1.2 billion!

The technology in the world has advanced that a new supercomputer has been built to forecast, the clement and the weather for airports to see when incoming storms are coming in. It’ll collect mass amount of data to help predict storms, floods and changes to the global climate.

With the government saying it’s the year to change the world and of climate action with this new supercomputer, they’ll be able to make a change to the world and make it better for everyone stopping floods and storms without any preparation.  The government will be making even more upgrades to the computer at the end of 2022.

With technology over the last 30 years getting better, it’s easier to measure the weather forecast as the capacity of data being transferred faster and more at a time.  It’ll also be better for the UK as its going to increase the capability of the UK data storage and transfer speed, this will increase broadband therefore faster Wi-Fi.