IT Support Downloads:

Looking for assistance? or need the latest version of TeamViewer? Look no further, we have them all here, just scroll down and find the downloads for you. Should you require any previous versions, please contact one of Lineal’s Team on 01271 375999.


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Windows Agent

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Broadband Speed Check

Click ‘Start speed test’ to test your Broadband download and upload speed.

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Remote access powered by Teamviewer. For security purposes, TeamViewer includes encryption based on 2048 RSA private-/public key exchange and AES (256 bit) session encryption to prevent access by routing servers or other third parties. Confirmation of a unique TeamViewer session permission prevents unauthorised access to data. Read more about TeamViewer security here.

Additional downloads are periodically added to this page by our IT Support team. Last update – 25th September 2018.

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