Caliach Vision Support: +44 (0) 1895 230203

Lineal’s IT support team are proud to be the sole provider of front-line Caliach support for Caliach Vision users in the UK.

Our team are experienced SQL developers, Microsoft Gold Partners and are part of the international Omnis Developers Group (ODEV.) Please contact us for assistance with Caliach Vision assistance queries.

About Caliach

An advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software created by Chris Ross, Caliach Vision is used across a wide range of manufacturing business around the world, and is available in multiple currencies and 11 languages. As a comprehensive management tool, Vision creates a disciplined manufacturing environment in which your business decisions concerning supply and demand are fully supported by fact in advance.

Caliach support many business and manufacturing improvements with each software deployment, including :
  • Reliable stock availability and faster stock rotation
  • Improved supply chain performance and accuracy of delivery
  • Fast, accurate cost estimating and secure pricing
  • Improved productivity and resource utilisation
  • Rapid and effective response to change
  • Better management of business growth and product complexity
  • Greater administrative efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increased profitability and return on capital
  • Tighter financial controls and cashflow management

Chris Ross of Caliach explained: “What stood out from my first visit was how positive and upbeat Lineal’s office was: it’s crucial Caliach Vision users get the best possible assistance, which is why we’re so pleased that Lineal’s growing team have agreed to provide our UK Caliach support.”

“With Lineal’s help, this restructuring will also allow us to dedicate additional resources for Caliach’s future development.”


Get in touch with Caliach support today to learn more: 01271 344797


Caliach Support

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