Manufacturing IT

SQLWorks Business Management Software

SQLWorks Stock is Lineal’s leading software for manufacturing, stock control, sales order processing (SOP), warehouse management, manufacture resource planning (MRP) and batch control. Our software controls exactly where your stock, kit components or resources need to be at any given moment. We keep your stock flow running smoothly.

Rugged Hardware

Cost effective manufacturing IT has to survive in the real world of the factory floor, the workshop and the production line, and durability ensures the fastest possible return on investment (ROI). Lineal work the way you work, sourcing IT systems and hardware specifically designed for your workplace environment.

Portable Device Access

Quality testing and stock checking frequently require the use of wirelessly enabled handheld monitoring equipment. Lineal have experience installing and maintaining large scale, seamless Cisco Wi-Fi networks, and configuring business devices for secure mobile access.

Remote Helpdesk

With automated production in progress – IT downtime costs money, and needs to be planned against. Speak to Lineal today about our tailored technical support contracts – including our remote IT support helpdesk , routine maintenance and emergency callouts.

Business Continuity

Planning for IT failure can help prevent immeasurable damage and disruption to the running of your business. We provide a range of business continuity IT solutions, including secure remote backup, bespoke disaster recovery packages and 4G backup internet access to ensure your output stays on target.


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